Quand :
28 juin 2018 @ 17 h 15 min – 17 h 45 min
Où :
Hotel Kempinski Corvinus
Erzsébet tér 7
1051 Hongrie
UNICEO Congress - Leading events to the Future ! - Budapest @ Hotel Kempinski Corvinus | Budapest | Hongrie

When organizing events, we pursue the Grail of our participants being engaged before the event (communicators), during the event (co-creators and active participants) and after the event (ambassadors) and this means a permanent challenge.

But engaging means first catching the full of our participants and stakeholders brains and then feeding them with the right messages that will provoke action.

So what happens to them from a neuropsychological point of view? And can we recognize specific touch points to engage participants, can we learn keys to make our attendees brains fully receptive to our messages? And what will they remember, what does provoke decision to act after receiving a message ?

In this keynote the speaker will wrap up on emotions felt throughout the engagement session by UNICEO Congress audience and will give scientific proofs of what happens from a neuropsychological point of view and why neuromarketing in Event management has to be taken into consideration.